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Fanmeeting 2003


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Join fans from all over the world for the latest official international DLP.info Fanmeeting on the 22nd / 23rd of March!

You've e-mailed them, You've chatted with them, maybe You even learned to know some of them during the frist three international DLP.info-Fanmeetings - now it's time to reunite with your international friends, time to enjoy your shared passion, the most magical place of all, the Disneyland Resort Paris! Being curious who is behind those screen-names? Here is Your chance: just join the DLP.info-Fanmeeting!

As in the past the team of DLP.info has carefully chosen the date to offer all international fans more than "just" a Fanmeeting - in this case we would like to invite You to join us for the final Farewell-Weekend of the all-time classic nighttime spectacular, the Main Street Electrical Parade, on the 22nd and 23rd of March 2003.

Even so certainly the two final performances of the MSEP are highlights of the Fanmeeting-Weekend, and everybody should prepare his cameras and kleenex for a wheeping goodby to a traditonal of the resort, the team of DLP.info has created an entertaining program to keep you entertained and still give You even more time to chat with fellow fans... [read more]


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